AFL Skills Analysis and Diagnosis- Online

AFL Skills Analysis and Diagnosis- Online


WAFFA provides expert analyses and diagnosis of key AFL skills and provides solutions to assist in correcting the problem.

Process -

Step One - Registering, videoing and uploading.

Complete the online form and make payment . WAFFA will send you an email on how to record and submit the video.

Video the skill being performed from directly in front and also from the side (kicking or handballing side) from no further than 10 metres away.

The total combined video length from both angles cannot exceed more than 30 seconds.

Once recorded follow the how to guide to upload the video.

Step Two - Diagnosing and Arranging Review Session

Once we receive the video, we will analyse and diagnose the skill and then arrange a date and time for WAFFA to review our findings with you online.

Step Three - Review Session

WAFFA will send you a link for you to open on a computer, this will allow you to view the video while at the same time WAFFA will discuss with you the areas of concern and provide feedback to correct the problem

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