Leading the growth of Female Football
in West Australia 


Co-founders: Chad Morrison, Ryan Turnbull

We have been involved in female football at various levels in WA, having both been involved with the West Coast Eagles AFLW academy program since its inception and having separately coached and trained females at junior levels.

During this time we have both developed a passion to help females develop their football knowledge and abilities at all levels of the game, which is why we have come together and formed the West Australian Female Football Academy (WAFFA).

WAFFA has created 3 Pillars to support players at every level of progression:

  1. Discovery – We provide opportunities for females starting their football journey by offering quality introductory skills-based training sessions

  2. Develop – An opportunity for females already playing football to further develop their basic skills, correct any technical issues and educate them in playing the game

  3. Elevate – Identify more advanced talented females and challenge them with more advanced drills and game simulation to expand their game

One of WAFFA’s key focuses is to help females be the best they can be, through our future Complementary Programs, with an emphasis on physical and mental training, specialised performance techniques and life skills education.


To grow female football in WA.

Females have so much drive and passion to learn and improve but until now have not had the same level of support as men in the industry.

Our approach is fun and supportive, yet structured and educational to encourage females from juniors up to AFLW level to make football part of their ongoing life experience, creating growth and retention in our great Australian game.

WAFFA will provide an unprecedented holistic and professional pathway for women, giving opportunities that were previously unattainable in the Football community, such as:

  • Life skills
    By 2021 WAFFA will implement various Complimentary Programs to help young females improve their mindset and mental health, physical health and overall wellbeing. To do well in life we have identified these skills as more important than ever before.

  • Belonging
    Part of thriving in this world is finding like-minded people who you can relate to and have fun with. The WAFFA Squad Community will give players a sense of belonging.

  • Purpose
    As WAFFA grows, so will our support team. We want to provide opportunities for our players who are passionate about football and want to be part of something bigger; to help us grow the game, whilst supporting females in the community.

Chad Morrison & Ryan Turnbull (Co-founders or WAFFA)