Terms & Conditions


Payment and registration
All payments and registration forms must be received before the start of any of our programs. Failure to do so could result in a loss of the individual’s place in a program or WAFFA conducting a specialised program with your organisation.

Missed sessions
WAFFA does not provide ‘make up’ sessions, when paid participants fail to attend. If WAFFA has to cancel a session, we will reschedule or refund the session missed at WAFFA’s discretion.

Extreme weather conditions
In the event of temperatures reaching 40 degrees or over at the time of the session will be cancelled. Either a credit will be applied or an alternative session time will be arranged to make up for the cancelled session.
Regardless of conditions girls should make sure they are sufficiently hydrated. We recommend all girls bring their own water bottle to all sessions. Access to extra water will be available and regular drink breaks will occur during the session.
Sunscreen should always be applied before any session and extra sunscreen is always available.

Injury and illness
WAFFA will not be held liable in the unlikely event of an injury